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Monday, July 25, 2016

Transfer VHS tapes to your computer


CNET How To - Transfer VHS tapes to your computer  
Published on Aug 10, 2012
Learn how to digitally record old analog VHS home movies onto your computer using one simple cable and some free time.
Major Lee
I was wondering when the mention of an $80 product would come up.
80$ ??? I got the identical product for 20$.
Just get a FireWire cable, that should work with all VCRs and Mac/Pc that will cost you like 3 $
I hae about 300 tapes I can no longer play because I no longer have a VHS player, but I do have a full size VHS camera with the same playback outputs as on a player. Can I plug the camera into the computer the same way?
+Doug Hicton i believe it would work. if you can play back your videos on the vhs camera i cant see why it wont work.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Take Off the Rose-Tinted Glasses!


Monday, January 20, 2014

To Believe or Not to Believe, That is the Question!

What to you do when you hear something on TV that just doesn't sound plausible? Or maybe you read it in a newspaper or magazine and, somehow, it doesn't make sense. Do you shrug it off, forget about it, or do you decide to check it out? Most people know how to use "Google" or a similar search engine, yet with information readily available with a little digging, they decide that it's too time consuming. Why bother? It must be correct or else it wouldn't have been on the news is the incorrect logic a person may use to avoid the hassle of actually finding out for oneself.
Of course, there are probably many other reasons why a person doesn't make the effort of finding out more information on the topic one may be in disagreement or bewildered about but, in essence, it boils down to the same thing, that their trust is misplaced and they don't want to know anything that might be disagreeable to their belief system. So what can be done if someone wants to wear blinders? The answer is nothing. Everyone has the right to believe whatever they want and eventually time will sort it out. Unfortunately, it may be too late when one realizes they are in shackles and have lost their freedom.
Here is an article that sheds some light on those who don't research what is questionable. - Editor

The Psychology of Being a "Non-Conspiracy Theorist"

Bernie Suarez
Activist Post
Sunday, January 19, 2014

There is a brand of people amongst us. They have no name but they exist. They are everywhere, at home, at school, and in the streets, stores, and shopping malls. It is highly unlikely to not know someone who belongs in this category. It’s the so called non-conspiracy theorists. You know, the guy who tries to terminate conversations by alleging that you are nothing more than a “conspiracy theorist” and the information you share is false or not believable. Yes, that guy. Let’s meet face to face with your typical non-conspiracy theorist. We all know them, they often are the ones who hold the “conspiracy” verbal accusation as a valid logically defined argument in and of itself. The logic works like this:
Conspiracy theorist says: “You are claiming that fire alone can cause a building to self-implode, descend at freefall speed into its own footprint? That’s physically impossible, what about Newton’s Laws and laws of thermal dynamics and such?“
Non-conspiracy theorist says: “No, you are wrong because you are a conspiracy theorist.”
And with that, often the non-conspiracy theorist will walk away. What’s happening? They had nothing to elaborate on, so the non-conspiracy theorist - whose thinking is engineered and controlled by government, mainstream media and Hollywood entertainment - resorted to a socially engineered answer. For this reason it is fascinating to explore the mindset and psychology of the individuals who take this position in place of a logical stance.
Core defect and twisted meanings
By definition, conspiracy means a group of two or more people secretly plotting (or conspiring) a harmful (or evil) deed against another person(s). This behavior is part of human nature. Humans have been conspiring against each other since the beginning of time. There was a never a time in world history when such an elementary behavior (of conspiring against an enemy) did not exist. Can you find a period in history when a certain human emotional trait or action didn’t exist? Was there a time when the human genome didn’t express jealousy, game playing, trading, rage, or happiness? As odd or ridiculous as this may sound, non-conspiracists unknowingly subscribe to this logic. If evidence points to a conspired crime, why not treat it as such? Why demonize the very concept of conspiring? This is a core defect in the thought process of non-conspiracy theorists. You can easily identify them by their speech.
What the non-conspiracy theorist doesn’t see is that the battlefield is right before them and they have outsourced all critical thought and action to a government thinking service known as mass media. Like being on the football field while the ball is in play, without realizing what is happening. You see people waving at you in the stands to get out of the way, but you don’t understand what they are saying so you continue walking on the field with your headset on. Likewise, non-conspiracy theorists perceive all logic and reason arguments and warnings made by the conspiracy theorist as noise. They don’t understand the warning and so they continue living and carrying on with what they are doing. Like the person on the field not understanding the warning being communicated by those in the stands, non-conspiracy theorists cannot receive the basic signals of logic and reason.
The headsets adding to the confusion is like the TV and mainstream media news. Since they themselves refuse to look at the evidence, they put their faith in the government and in the mass corporate establishment to safely guide them in their reality. They gain a sense of psychological protection from this overall system. Since the information being believed is almost always artificial they need to hear their own opinions repeated to them by the voices on TV so they can (and re-confirm) their own belief system to themselves to be legitimate. At no point will the non-conspiracy theorist plan a day of research or dedicate a few hours every once in a while to research the topic or put any thought into issues.
Information and world problems are but one category in a shelf of categories that make up their lives. The non-conspiracy theorist ignores that government has always implemented social engineering and mass mind control on the general public. In order for the non-conspiracy theorist to confidently walk away from someone who challenges their belief system with scientific facts, they need to have a sustained comfort and assurance that what government and mainstream media is saying is true.
Maintaining the non-conspiracy delusion
The non-conspiracy theorist is thus profoundly psychologically interconnected with today’s mass mind control paradigm. They are a species representing a full by product of 21st-century social engineering. The doctrine of this type of social engineering programs its believers to believe that when government and media accuses someone of “conspiracies” then this accusation is cause for someone being considered diseased. The symptoms being paranoia. But paranoia is based on systematized delusions and delusions are based on false beliefs. A proper exploring of meanings brings us back to proving what is true or false. We come full circle and the spin is over. Non-conspiracy theorists don’t realize they dwell in this circle of misapplied words, never exploring the meanings or doing the to determine what is true and what is provable.
Non-conspiracy theorists therefore wake up every morning and reach for the mental orientation map known as mainstream media news. Without it they would be disoriented, as they would not know what to believe. They actually believe that if anyone was guilty of wrongdoing at the highest level of government someone would speak out every time and everyone would know about it. They ignore that state secrets are the norm and government operations are conducted in secret. They ignore the consequences each individual at the government and military level faces for blowing the whistle. Despite these consequences many individuals at government level still risk it all and do blow the whistle on government. Despite all this, the idea of maintaining State secrecy is a myth to non-conspiracy theorists. The idea that government would do something immoral, nefarious or criminal is a fiction as well to the non-conspiracy theorist.
The history of war, corruption, tyranny and fascism is incidental, coincidental, insignificant and irrelevant to the non-conspiracy theorist. None of these should be used to gauge the events of our times since history is a thing of the past. Non-conspiracy theorists choose not to connect the historical dots. According to them, there is nothing to learn from the history of tyranny and totalitarianism. Anyone attempting to connect the dots is likely a conspiracy theorist. This goes hand in hand with the logic defect we discussed earlier. As the earlier case of the conspiracy theorist having his scientific arguments debunked by virtue of simply being diseased with the accusation of conspiracy theorist. Note, the non-conspiracy theorists use the name as a loaded, proven concept with power to permanently label someone diseased. In this case, attempting to connect the dots automatically tags you as a conspiracy theorist.
As far as non-conspiracy theorists are concerned, all critical thought is deferred to the authorities. The scientists do their and then report the facts to the government and mainstream media who carefully announce to the masses what they should know. Any scientists who speak out and claim to have evidence contradicting government claims must first be endorsed and approved by the mainstream media and government. Without this approval the scientists are marginalized no matter how large their numbers are. Without these ridiculous rules the delusion of being a non-conspiracy theorists cannot be maintained. This is the psychology of tyranny. Tyranny and totalitarianism cannot be implemented without mass mind control. This dangerous group-think mentality will ignore all warning signs to help continue advancing the agenda. And so the non-conspiracy theorist is the most important instrument for maintaining control of the masses. Without these non-conspiracy theorist vessels of the global empire, the plan would not be possible.
It is quite possible that years from now the concept of conspiracy will return back to where it belongs right next to other concepts like jealousy, laughter, love, stealing, fighting, friendship, hatred and other human expressions that define who we are. By then perhaps being a friendship theorist, a stealing theorist or a jealousy theorist will be the new propaganda bogey monster term. Or perhaps years from now we will be sick and tired of this vicious cycle of physical and mental slavery. Perhaps people will truly have enough of the control system and will have abolished it by then.
Standing by truth
I am thrilled to be considered a “conspiracy theorist” by those still controlled by the social engineering experiments of the last one hundred or so years. We are proof that humans are able to critically think on their own and prefer to be free. We are the embodiment of the resistance, we never run from challenges and debates, we recreated the media and are responsible for the progressive death of the mainstream media. We choose to give humanity a voice outside of the socially engineered control system. We rely on firsthand accounts, physical evidence consistent with natural laws, factual documents, common sense, high probability, and forensic scientific evidence before jumping to conclusions. We do not rely on name calling to give strength to our position and we stand as a reminder that the human mind will never be completely contained. Unravelling the reality we face became normal for us at some point and the information the non-conspiracy theorists consider scary is common news to those of us name called “conspiracy theorists”.
In order to be considered a conspiracy theorist by the non-conspiracy theorists you must believe that government is corrupt. Believing that others are corrupt does not get you the title automatically. The list of what qualifies someone as a conspiracy theorist has been changing rapidly and today is determined by mainstream media and government in real time. Today, only government and mainstream media gets to decide who qualifies as a conspiracy theorist. The thought process of the non-conspiracy theorist is thus predictable and automated because the agenda being followed by government and mass media is predictable. The mindset is: no research required if Associated Press, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CNN or NPR doesn’t agree to report it, then all other sources must be false. This shines a light into the thought process of non-conspiracy theorists.
Impact on humanity
How creepy does all this sound? We often take for granted the thought process required to make someone believe how they believe and the (mainstream media believing) non-conspiracy theorist mentality is quietly as culpable for the condition of the world today as the individuals who actually carry out the crimes that have put us where we are. Little to no effort is put by non-conspiracy theorists to learn about their own social mindsets, social engineering, group-think, and government propaganda and mind-control history.
The non-conspiracy theorists are thus arguably indirectly ushering in many of the religious and cultural prophesies of the end times and the predictions of the doomsday prophets. They are proving to be key vessels in the events that are to come.

They have already carved their mark in history as supporters of the global empire. Everyone who has played a role in supporting the global empire of the U.S. has already left their mark. Let’s all wait and see how this mental defect will play itself out and what role these non-conspiracy theorists will play in ushering in the final pieces of the global government.
Will they be rewarded? Will they support the extermination of all critical thinkers? Will it turn out the non-conspiracy theorists were expressing an alternate DNA or is this idea too far out? Will it turn out they were all part of a larger experiment? Will the final waking up process or critical mass be stomped out by this core of non-conspiracy theorists who blindly believe government-programmed lies? Or will they be responsible for delaying critical mass by a certain amount of time.
These and many other questions will be answered in the next few years/decades. Let us not forget the layers of defective logic and blind faith in government required to be considered a non-conspiracy theorist. It sounds bizarre but it’s true. It’s been said that in times of mass deceit that telling the truth is a revolutionary act; this has never been more apparent. Want to make an impact on others? Want to be a giant among men? Then tell the truth and watch the sheep run. There is so much deceit in today’s world that if you blindly reverse everything government and mainstream media says, just by default you would be closer to truth than if you believed even some of what they say.
Remember the non-conspiracy theorist who says “someone would have spoken out”? We’ve all heard this excuse. Of course, someone always does speak out; only they call those who speak out, no matter how high in government they are, conspiracy theorists, instead of someone who is speaking out or blowing the whistle. It’s time to memorialize the web of non-logic that qualifies a non-conspiracy theorist and not take for granted what these individuals mean to our battle for freedom and what key role they will play in the final lockdown of what was once a beacon for freedom throughout the world. Even as each of us carries on every day it’s difficult to fathom how the average person you come across who is a non-conspiracy theorist is having such a massive impact on millions of people globally and the direction of humanity as a whole including the overall survival of the human race.
Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

If we choose, we can live in a world of comforting illusion.

Noam Chomsky

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Illusions of the Matrix

Whether consciously or unconsciously, as mortal beings, with normal desires and wants, we seek out comfort, a state of ease and satisfaction of bodily wants, with freedom from pain and anxiety, as a point of refuge from the bombardment of unpleasant, sometimes surreal , facts of reality that enters the Matrix that was created around us and for us. For some, the penetration of facts
are blocked from being consciously examined but, nevertheless, it pierces the defenceless unconscious barrier and sinks deep into the kaleidoscopic chambers within the brain, awaiting the opportunity to reveal itself to the conscious, sometimes disillusioned, mind.
For some people, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, FOX, or some other main stream media outlet provides the news where biases, misinformation, lack of information, and trivia events furnish the foundation of illusion where facts become irreverent. Then there are others, educated, specialists within their field, brilliant, knowledgeable, and frequently sought out for their pearls of wisdom, that believe that they instinctively know the truths and falsehoods within all other fields because, after all, their inflated and artificial I.Q.'s, are definite proof that they are the cats ass when it comes to smarts. How dare anyone try to disrupt their perception of reality!
Wake up smart asses. Your narcissism and egotistical ramblings have deluded you. However, let me be kind. I'm sure you would agree that regardless of intelligence, dull or sharp, the majority of people would rather stay within their comfort zone than face something unpleasant. True or false? Unfortunately, for this ostrich crowd, reality will eventually kick sand in their face and they will be eyeball to eyeball with their most frightening nightmares as gushes of repressed memories flood their now exposed predicament as the mist of illusion dissolves about them. Run, Billy, run, will be too late as there will be no place of refuge from the real world. All the illusions created by the satanic minds over the past centuries will explode and disappear as the Matrix previously known as reality is exposed for being a fraud.
Acknowledging the 'real' reality that the unconscious mind tried to hide from its consciousness will overwhelm the senses, as horror replaces the hallucinations of a near perfect world and futuristic images of despair and hopelessness set in upon the realization that you are now a slave. All those cherished freedoms that were taken for granted no longer exist. Why? Partly because you buried your head in the sand, partly because evil was organized way before you were born and created an illusion for you to believe in, to live in, as it deepened the plot to enslave you when the moment was right.
Is it too late? I believe the correct answer is yes. Yes, only because the critical mass, that is, the number of people who are aware of the threat and are willing to mobilize and alert the others of the approaching enslavement of humankind are still insufficient in numbers. However, as mentioned previously, people are reluctant, sometimes even hostile, to concepts of change from their reality and to leave their comfort zones. Even when presented with facts, it is much easier to pretend that everything is alright rather than challenge or investigate the enormous amount of evidence that is contrary to their instincts or better known as their 'gut' feelings. Yes, even better educated individuals, Ph.D. in hand, refuse to research and discover for themselves the truth as it could jeopardize their income, reputation, and/or their cherished comfort zone.
And with the dumbing-down of education, the majority of the population are caught in the subtle traps of distraction with sports, movies, American Idol and other mindless TV programs, and whatever new fad emerges, all taking prime importance over their own self education. It is understandable in some respect as students are graduating from high school unable to read or even write a comprehensible sentence. It is no wonder that anything that requires cerebral examination is avoided - it is beyond their capabilities. Bring on the dancing bears!
What to do? Well, it's an uphill and thankless endeavour, but when 'you' know the real history, not the
illusions of the Matrix as reality, then it is your responsibility to step up to the plate, be willing to accept ridicule, or whatever, and let your voice be heard.
Personally, I have been relatively quiet about the truths I was unravelling during my research as I felt I needed more knowledge before I ventured out into the public arena. I'm satisfied that I can now debate with anyone over the facts that I have discovered and more importantly, I feel an urgency to make the attempt to share what I have been reading over the last few years. With little comment from myself on this blogsite,, I have categorized some important news items that interested me in the last few years. Most of these articles are NOT from the main stream media. If you really want a taste of forbidden knowledge, I would recommend using the information found on this blogsite as a foundation for some serious research of your own. Check out the authors of the articles, read their archives, take notes, read recommended books, view DVD's, gather together all the knowledge you can find, and then you can form your own opinion on whether the Matrix is real or not.
Take a deep breathe, put down the remote control, plead allegiance to real knowledge, and get started. The truth will set you free.