Monday, July 25, 2016

Transfer VHS tapes to your computer


CNET How To - Transfer VHS tapes to your computer  
Published on Aug 10, 2012
Learn how to digitally record old analog VHS home movies onto your computer using one simple cable and some free time.
Major Lee
I was wondering when the mention of an $80 product would come up.
80$ ??? I got the identical product for 20$.
Just get a FireWire cable, that should work with all VCRs and Mac/Pc that will cost you like 3 $
I hae about 300 tapes I can no longer play because I no longer have a VHS player, but I do have a full size VHS camera with the same playback outputs as on a player. Can I plug the camera into the computer the same way?
+Doug Hicton i believe it would work. if you can play back your videos on the vhs camera i cant see why it wont work.


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