Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Illusions of the Matrix

Whether consciously or unconsciously, as mortal beings, with normal desires and wants, we seek out comfort, a state of ease and satisfaction of bodily wants, with freedom from pain and anxiety, as a point of refuge from the bombardment of unpleasant, sometimes surreal , facts of reality that enters the Matrix that was created around us and for us. For some, the penetration of facts
are blocked from being consciously examined but, nevertheless, it pierces the defenceless unconscious barrier and sinks deep into the kaleidoscopic chambers within the brain, awaiting the opportunity to reveal itself to the conscious, sometimes disillusioned, mind.
For some people, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, FOX, or some other main stream media outlet provides the news where biases, misinformation, lack of information, and trivia events furnish the foundation of illusion where facts become irreverent. Then there are others, educated, specialists within their field, brilliant, knowledgeable, and frequently sought out for their pearls of wisdom, that believe that they instinctively know the truths and falsehoods within all other fields because, after all, their inflated and artificial I.Q.'s, are definite proof that they are the cats ass when it comes to smarts. How dare anyone try to disrupt their perception of reality!
Wake up smart asses. Your narcissism and egotistical ramblings have deluded you. However, let me be kind. I'm sure you would agree that regardless of intelligence, dull or sharp, the majority of people would rather stay within their comfort zone than face something unpleasant. True or false? Unfortunately, for this ostrich crowd, reality will eventually kick sand in their face and they will be eyeball to eyeball with their most frightening nightmares as gushes of repressed memories flood their now exposed predicament as the mist of illusion dissolves about them. Run, Billy, run, will be too late as there will be no place of refuge from the real world. All the illusions created by the satanic minds over the past centuries will explode and disappear as the Matrix previously known as reality is exposed for being a fraud.
Acknowledging the 'real' reality that the unconscious mind tried to hide from its consciousness will overwhelm the senses, as horror replaces the hallucinations of a near perfect world and futuristic images of despair and hopelessness set in upon the realization that you are now a slave. All those cherished freedoms that were taken for granted no longer exist. Why? Partly because you buried your head in the sand, partly because evil was organized way before you were born and created an illusion for you to believe in, to live in, as it deepened the plot to enslave you when the moment was right.
Is it too late? I believe the correct answer is yes. Yes, only because the critical mass, that is, the number of people who are aware of the threat and are willing to mobilize and alert the others of the approaching enslavement of humankind are still insufficient in numbers. However, as mentioned previously, people are reluctant, sometimes even hostile, to concepts of change from their reality and to leave their comfort zones. Even when presented with facts, it is much easier to pretend that everything is alright rather than challenge or investigate the enormous amount of evidence that is contrary to their instincts or better known as their 'gut' feelings. Yes, even better educated individuals, Ph.D. in hand, refuse to research and discover for themselves the truth as it could jeopardize their income, reputation, and/or their cherished comfort zone.
And with the dumbing-down of education, the majority of the population are caught in the subtle traps of distraction with sports, movies, American Idol and other mindless TV programs, and whatever new fad emerges, all taking prime importance over their own self education. It is understandable in some respect as students are graduating from high school unable to read or even write a comprehensible sentence. It is no wonder that anything that requires cerebral examination is avoided - it is beyond their capabilities. Bring on the dancing bears!
What to do? Well, it's an uphill and thankless endeavour, but when 'you' know the real history, not the
illusions of the Matrix as reality, then it is your responsibility to step up to the plate, be willing to accept ridicule, or whatever, and let your voice be heard.
Personally, I have been relatively quiet about the truths I was unravelling during my research as I felt I needed more knowledge before I ventured out into the public arena. I'm satisfied that I can now debate with anyone over the facts that I have discovered and more importantly, I feel an urgency to make the attempt to share what I have been reading over the last few years. With little comment from myself on this blogsite,, I have categorized some important news items that interested me in the last few years. Most of these articles are NOT from the main stream media. If you really want a taste of forbidden knowledge, I would recommend using the information found on this blogsite as a foundation for some serious research of your own. Check out the authors of the articles, read their archives, take notes, read recommended books, view DVD's, gather together all the knowledge you can find, and then you can form your own opinion on whether the Matrix is real or not.
Take a deep breathe, put down the remote control, plead allegiance to real knowledge, and get started. The truth will set you free.